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Posted by Dan

David provided me with smart, judicious legal advice and negotiating prowess through a series of difficult events in my business and career. He first represented me in renegotiating a partnership agreement, later in protecting my interests during the sale of that business, and ultimately in disputes with the purchaser as well as in some personal matters. Each time, David helped me reach agreement in complex negotiations that were by no means assured of success. As an experienced litigator, he knew how contract language would eventually play out in any future legal dispute. He was particularly adept in understanding and explaining each party’s interests, points of leverage and vulnerabilities, so we could find solutions that achieved everyone’s goals. David came highly recommended by another attorney whom I knew and trusted, and his references confirmed he was esteemed by his peers. I always felt confident I was receiving the same level of expertise I would get from a major law firm, combined with the benefits of working with an independent attorney. I came to rely on his insight, not just in legal matters, and always found him responsive, loyal and service-oriented. I would recommend David without reservation.

Financial Advisor

Posted by Lawrence

Mr. Mollon, reviewed my case that many other attorneys were not willing to take on. He consulted with me, and gathered information from the opposing party and myself. Worked on identifying what my damages were and why this occurred. Spent many hours on his own and with me reviewing the case. His skill and experience can not be taught, he has skills and abilities that are hard wired in him.

His professionalism and knowledge during the hearings were commendable. The outcome was above expectation.

David Mollon- Litigator par exellence.

Posted by Alex

David Mollon is not just a great, amazing litigator, he will be your guiding light through the process and navigate you to a successful end. He is the most honorable, most noble and most trustworthy man in this profession. His knowledge across the broad spectrum of the legal profession is unmatched. He conquered where many had failed before him and I will always feel indebted to him. And not just for his professional acumen, but for the friend he became during my grueling ordeal. My litigation was literally David vs a Goliath of evil, who had unscrupulous lawyers, and he patiently, tactically, methodically navigated us to a victory. I was blessed that David was recommended to me by a mutual friend who had worked with him years before, and I will recommend David Mollon to anyone, to everyone, forever. In a profession where the filth rises to the top, David is the gold that shines through. You are an absolute idiot if you do not hire him.

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